Frequently Asked Questions


Just the Facts...Nothing but the facts

Q) Where was George Henry Frederick Fienning Born?
A) Visinga, which is close to Osnabruck, Germany.

Q) When the Fiennings made it to this country, how old was Johann whe he died?
A) Johann was 36 years old when he died of Typhoid Fever. He had only been in the United States for one year and four months

Q) How long did it take George Henry to get to the United States back then?
A) It took him 13 days to sail from Germany to the United States.

Q) What were the names of George Henry's children?
A) George Henry had ten children in total, nine from Frances and one from Sophia. They were Richard, Edith, Ruth, Esther, George, Paul, Martha, Edward, Robert and Rudolph. Rudolph was the only child from George's marriage to Sophia.

Q) How many kids did Richard have in total?
A) Richard had six children in total including one from his second marriage who died at six years old,

Q) What is the family connection to possible UFO sightings?
A) Ruth Fienning married Howard Frazelle and eventually ended up in Roswell, New Mexico.

Q) WHen did Esther (Fienning) and Howard Youngflesh finally retire?
A) Charles retired from NATCO in 1972.

Q) What;s this 1011 place I keep seeing in this website anyway?
A) 1011 South 8th Street is the family homestead in Richmond, Indiana. You can find documents and images of the homestead, including building receipts, permits, etc right here in this website. It is just waiting for you to look and download.

Q) Who graduated from Reid Memorial Hospital School of Nursing?
A) Martha Jane Fienning, who worked at Reid as a supervisor and private duty for Dr. Ake for thirteen years as well as an industrial nurse at Avco.

Q) Did we have any musicians in our family?
A) Yes, Edward Henry Fienning was an accomplished piano player.

Q) Where did the Stromberg and Von Pein connection come to our family?
A) Well, Frederick Nickolas Von Pein (1854-1907) married Carolina Louisa (Lena) Stromberg (1858-1945). Their daughter was Frances Charlotte Von Pein (1882-1918). Frances Charlotte married George Henry Fienning (1881-1965). And that is how those two families were instrumentaland a big part of our Fienning Family and history.

Q) So who had the idea to create this website that will let future generations of our family know anout their history and roots?
A) Sophia Georgianna Fienning Powell (or as the webmaster knows her...Mrs.Powell or Georgianna). Daughter of Rudolph Von Pein Fienning the only child from the marriage of George and Sophia Fienning. We are all a product of our family past our historical threads are what make us who we are. We should never forget where we came from, nor forget those who came before us.